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Do you want to master Bachata Sensual as fast as possible?

With our exclusive bundle you can achieve just that!

Get the Fundamental Program + the Bachata Sensual Combinations Program

The Fundamental Bachata Sensual Program

All Bachata Sensual combinations are made up of fundamental moves and techniques.

Our program eliminates the guesswork by providing you with the exact 25 moves & techniques you need to know, in the correct order. You will get all the important techniques in one bundle without having to wait for the next class.

By learning these moves and techniques, you will be able to learn any Bachata Sensual combination with ease.

The Bachata Sensual Combinations Program

Are you stuck in repetitive moves, struggling to find your unique style, or feeling disconnected on the dance floor?

We understand your journey, and we're thrilled to introduce an incredible opportunity that will infuse your Bachata Sensual with more smoothness, finesse and natural styling.

Learn the latest and most creative intermediate and advanced combinations that are trending right now. Be at the forefront of the dance evolution, mastering exciting moves that will set you apart on any dance floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of the program?

The level of the Fundamental Bachata Sensual Program varies greatly, but it is mainly aimed at upper-beginners and intermediate dancers who already have experience with Bachata and want to get a deep learning of Bachata Sensual.

This is not a course for complete beginners, so you should at least know the basic steps and turns of Bachata. Intermediate dancers will profit from the program as they will be able to improve and clean their technique.

The level of the Bachata Sensual Combinations Program is mainly aimed at intermediate and advanced dancers who already know the Bachata Sensual fundamentals and want to learn smooth and exciting combinations.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, reach out to us to either get a partial refund, if you only want to keep one program, or a complete refund if you don't want to keep any program.

For more questions send us an email to [email protected]